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How Porches, Southern Culture and Podcasting Found a Home in Tourism Marketing

Gen Fuller - Senior Copywriter

In the opening scene of “Forrest Gump,” a feather floats high above the trees and down the street to land just in front of a bench where Tom Hanks is seated, poised to create movie magic. While Forrest Gump might have shared his life story while sitting on that bench, the moment he decides to start running “for no particular reason” unfolds on the front steps of his family home. Throughout the film, the front porch takes on a poignant role, serving as the backdrop for Forrest and Jenny’s wedding and, later, appearing in the distance as they walk together with their son, Forrest Junior, a beacon calling them home.

The house, much like the iconic bench, may have originated as a mere movie prop, but the concept of the front porch—a wide, sweeping veranda adorned with rocking chairs, fans and stately columns—embodies the very essence of Southern culture.

Porches in the South are more than architectural elements; they’re the very soul of Southern homes, where friendships flourish into family bonds and the art of relaxation unfolds amid tall rockers and creaky swings. South Carolina has perfected this outdoor living space with the addition of sweet tea, creating a culture and tradition that has become an integral part of the state’s identity.

It’s in this cherished Southern tradition that “The Palmetto Porch Podcast” finds its roots, offering a unique and intimate glimpse into the heart of South Carolina’s porch culture. Hosted by South Carolina native Devyn Whitmire, this travel podcast takes listeners to some of the most charming locations across the state to connect with the locals that make it so unique, while effectively positioning it as an ideal destination for travelers seeking new experiences and cherished traditions.

A Driving Force in Modern Storytelling

Though podcasting has been around for more than fifteen years, the medium itself has continued to grow and evolve year after year. From true crime and weird history to in-depth news reports and interviews with people from all walks of life, there is a podcast for everything and everyone.

In an age where consumers are seeking content they can consume while on the go, podcasting has emerged as a powerful platform. But they offer more than just information; they create a sense of community and belonging. The intimacy of a podcast fosters a unique bond between the listener and the content, a connection that traditional media often fails to achieve. Through the art of storytelling, “The Palmetto Porch Podcast” brings South Carolina’s unique culture to life, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the rich traditions, history and local stories.

Podcasts provide a variety of ways for listeners to interact with the host, including topic voting, Q&As, giveaways, social media groups and incorporating listener mail into the show. Many shows also include updates to prior podcast episodes based on listener emails, such as the Timesuck Podcast with Dan Cummings, which takes a weekly deep dive into listener-suggested topics.

Your Invitation to Pull up a Chair and Be Part of a Southern Tradition

Steeped in history and natural beauty, South Carolina often hides its best-kept secrets from the casual traveler. “The Palmetto Porch Podcast” reveals these hidden treasures and invites listeners to be part of authentic experiences and traditions. From quaint towns to picturesque landscapes, the podcast showcases the diversity that South Carolina offers, all while emphasizing the importance of preserving local culture and heritage.

As a team of forward-thinkers, we are constantly in pursuit of fresh and immersive ways to engage with travelers. We understand that the modern traveler seeks more than just information; they crave authentic experiences, and we’re committed to pioneering innovative methods to provide the enriching and unforgettable adventures they seek.

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