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Redefining Social Media: Break the Norms with Your Posts

Patrick McCoy - Associate Director, Social Media Production + Social Media

Social Media is a competitive digital landscape that can be daunting for content creators as we sprint to stay ahead of the latest and greatest 48-hour trend, chase record-setting KPIs and attempt to interpret the ever-changing Meta algorithm.

With all of the above lingering over your head, overanalyzing your content can be a common occurrence.  A creator could spend untold hours rewriting copy, filming a second or third take, adjusting the lighting on a photo or changing even the smallest aspects of a single post. Everyone tends to be their own harshest critics and the hours can really stack up if you allow them to.

In order to minimize those worries and hours, here are four tips to consider when creating your upcoming month of social media content:

Don’t Be A Product Advertisement
Studio and stylized-product photos are perfect for advertisements and websites, but they don’t necessarily belong on social media in the same format. Repurposing studio images in various ways can lead to a cohesive brand image and social-friendly content.

This can be accomplished by using product shots as the imagery for a meme or graphic, creating template backgrounds for posts and stories and even replacing stock images with studio shots.

Product Isn’t Required In a Post
It seems counterintuitive to not feature your products in the art of a social media post, but it isn’t a necessity when creating content. Managers can remain true to the brand identity without even showcasing the product.

Examples of this would be utilizing the brand’s color palate in posts, memes and graphics, while also alluding to the brand with relatable copy. This can include descriptive words or tag lines in the art copy or captions that invoke thoughts of the product.

Be Relatable, Not Perfect
Social media has always been and most likely remain as the hub for internet humor and it is perfectly fine for brands to embrace it as such. Understanding your followers on each platform is key for social media managers in creating relatable content that will perform well.

One of the most important aspects of a post is to be relatable to your followers. This can lead to a successful organic post through increased comments, shares and likes.

By creating relatable content, your followers are more likely to share posts with their friends or repost to their personal pages. Both actions are true indicators of a successful organic post since paid ads can increase impressions and engagements but aren’t likely to induce actions such as sharing and reposting.

Avoid Long Form Copy
Painting a picture with as few characters as possible is key to writing great copy for social media. Make sure that you aren’t forcing your followers to click the “more” button by writing in under 125 characters.

If long-form copy is necessary you can utilize the comments section to explain important details and answer questions that followers may have.

To be able to write short and sweet, social copywriters must be able to talk/type in emoji, memes and social lingo as a second language. Being playful, silly and cheeky should also be encouraged with your copy. Understanding internet culture is key to great copy and can often make or break a successful organic post.

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