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9Rooftops marketing agency client, PA Lottery advertising campaign picture.

PA Lottery and 9Rooftops: Creating Holiday Campaigns with Meaning

Lauren Townsend - Senior Copywriter

The holiday season is a fun time for brands to produce unique content that resonates with their audiences. It offers an opportunity to create compelling campaigns to stand out among other holiday ads — and that is what we did with our longtime client, the Pennsylvania Lottery.

For the PA Lottery, the holidays officially begin when a new group of Holiday Scratch-Offs is available in stores. Though ticket sales naturally increase during this time, the brand has an excellent opportunity to truly leverage this surge in sales and spread the holiday cheer. Not only did we want to help the brand celebrate how fun these games are, but we also wanted to tie the games to real life and the unique ways people express themselves when celebrating their own holiday traditions. And with that, the idea of “Celebrate Like You Mean It” was born. This campaign is a natural extension of the “Lottery Love” campaign, which celebrates players’ love for the PA Lottery from their point of view. Because, in the end, it’s not our story to tell. It’s theirs.

Our strategy was to create a true convergence of exhilarating fun and holiday magic. Because when it comes to buying or giving Scratch-Offs during the holidays, anything goes. Celebrate Like You Mean It shows unexpected and expressive ways to incorporate Holiday Scratch-Offs into all of your holiday celebrations, across a mix of digital and traditional channels, for a fully integrated campaign. Creative executions include reimagining classic holiday decor such as mistletoe made from Scratch-Off tickets and using holiday Scratch-Offs to decorate throughout your home. Additionally, we show eye-catching individuals incorporating Scratch-Offs into their holiday outfits. These ideas inspire others to celebrate their way and bring more lottery love into the holidays.

Some of the best, top-performing campaigns include elements that are engaging and interactive. To really bring our audience into the fun, our team worked with Snapchat to produce two interactive games users can play in the app. From using our Scratch-Off earrings creative to tap falling mints (an ode to this year’s Merry-Mint Scratch-Off) to catching Holiday Scratch-Offs in a decorative beard, it’s a great way to bring the fun essence of the PA Lottery to life.

Finally, to amplify the campaign even further, we reached out to Pennsylvania-based influencers to expand the story of Celebrate Like You Mean It on Instagram. From an audience perspective, getting recommendations from an influencer can be more powerful than many other sources, as well-liked and trusted influencers can deliver messages that will garner attention. To get the PA Lottery on the radar of more audiences and age groups, the fifteen influencers carefully selected for this campaign will show how Celebrate Like You Mean It comes to life for them during the holidays. Each influencer will create content that’s personal to them and thus more likely to resonate with their followers.

All of these campaign elements combined will help the PA Lottery connect with a wider audience and increase awareness about Holiday Scratch-Off offerings in a unique way. We look forward to seeing all the engagements and content generated from users showing us their own personal spin on how they Celebrate Like They Mean It.

The PA Lottery is committed to responsible gambling and playing responsibly. That means ensuring players are playing within their financial means and only for entertainment, and ensuring all players are of legal age.

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