Bringing the Fun and Excitement of Lottery Gameplay To A New Generation.

An institution for almost 50 years that benefits older Pennsylvanians every day, the PA Lottery was looking for ways to capture the attention of next-generation Lottery players while retaining current ones for Scratch-Offs, Draw Games and their new offering, PA Lottery Online. The overall gameplay needed to be showcased in a way we’ve never done before, with messaging delivered across all mediums to all audiences.

Leveraging the insight of the exhilarating fun and excitement that Lottery players feel when they’re even anticipating playing or scratching a ticket allowed for more extensive and bolder creative executions. Whether it’s through the use of Gus the Groundhog as a “Scratch-Off Enthusiast” to increase the Lottery’s reach across all customer segments, our general Scratch-Off campaigns or digital-centric executions designed for a younger demographic, the amplification of joy that comes with pre-gameplay resonated across the spectrum of Pennsylvania Lottery players. How much? Well …

  • Delivered over 1 billion dollars of sales growth to the PA Lottery in Fiscal Year 20/21 —

Up 21% vs. a year ago

  • Sales of Scratch-Offs grew by 20%, while Draw Games increased by 25%, delivering over 95% of the total overall growth
  • PA Lottery Online delivered an incremental 1 billion dollars of sales annually, up 24% vs. a year ago
  • Gus the Groundhog sentiment is at an all-time high — Up 5% from the previous year