You’re the Guy. But Occasionally Even You Need A Guy You Can Trust.

When Belle Tire — a large, regional auto services and tire retailer — hired 9Rooftops to help rebrand their company, we wondered something right away. What difference between one guy’s rubber donut and the other guy’s rubber donut could there possibly be?

As always, our homework had the answer.

It seems everyone has a guy. Someone they would recommend to friends and family when a certain need arose. A guy who does plumbing. A guy who does hair. A guy who can fix anything in your house. Of course, some guys aren’t guys at all — but you get the idea.

Apparently people also felt really good when it came to the idea of having a guy who could get them quickly and safely back on the road (check out the patch we made for Belle Tire associates to wear on their shirts). A guy that really did care more about making new customers than making a ton of money — and would be willing to back that up. You see, Belle Tire will match or beat any offer. It says so in their tagline: the Lowest Tire Price, PERIOD!. We know, not super sexy, right? But it sure sounds good to people making a grudge purchase like tires.

Put together a “guy” who is your guy, with the Lowest Tire Price, PERIOD!,  and now you see the difference between Belle Tire’s Michelin, Firestone or Goodyear tires and the other guy’s.

As far as target audience goes, anyone who drives a car or truck eventually needs tires. And few people really understand auto care or tire technology, so, everybody needs a guy.

Over the years, 9Rooftops has been Belle Tire’s guy for everything from strategy, media, analytics and data science to radio, TV, outdoor, store signage, CRM, search and social.

We also help them salute their own guys with inside stuff like culture videos, employee celebration and recruiting.

You’d think we’d get some kind of partner discount on our tires, but we don’t. Maybe it’s because they already have the Lowest Tire Price, PERIOD!.  Yeah, that’s probably it.