CRM + Loyalty

CRM + Loyalty Marketing: The Art of Affinity & Advocacy

Take no relationship for granted. We design data-driven, customer-centric solutions that convert, retain and drive advocacy. 9Rooftops takes a full-funnel approach to personalizing communications throughout your customer’s life cycle, yielding brand preference and LTV, and incorporates continual learning and optimization to help make your brand, their brand.

  • Lead Nurture & Retention Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • CRM System Administration
  • Third Party Data Enrichment & Hygiene
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Programs
  • Iterative Test-and-Learn Design
  • Data Capture & Measurement Strategy
  • Technology Evaluations & Enablement
  • Personalization Strategy
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Management
  • Email & Direct Marketing Activation
  • Digital Media Integration and Enablement

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