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ConairMan Body Grooming Sea Shanty Strikes a Chord with TikTokers

Lisa Tristano Martin - Associate Director, Social Media

At  9Rooftops, we don’t just do social — we do social well. ConairMan’s music collaboration series is a great example of how we follow social media trends and leverage them to drive results for our clients.

Tapping into the TikTok music trend, we identified a great opportunity to spread the body grooming message. ConairMan is encouraging men to keep their hair trimmed “all over,” whether it be their ears and nose or their down-belows.

The key to ConairMan’s success has been finding lesser known musicians who can deliver ConairMan’s message in an authentic, entertaining way, while still fitting within ConairMan’s limited budgets.

“Finding diverse musical talent the very second before they blow up and peak is the trick. We write something fun and they take it from there,” said Bryan Hadlock, 9Rooftops VP + Senior Creative Director. “It’s a blast and our client loves it, too.”

We first identified a young barbershop quartet and provided them with lyrics about trimming with confidence and care. We decided to continue the positive momentum with a series of music collabs.

For our latest tune, we collaborated with the very talented Sam Pope (@sampopemusic) and Luke Taylor (@_luke.the.voice_) for a hilarious Sea Shanty TikTok duet. Their organic TikTok videos have already received more than 225,000 views.

Hadlock wrote the brilliant shanty lyrics and Sam Pope created the melody. The end product is a genius song that has triggered a boatload of positive comments about the brand.

With lyrics like, “As his clothes hit the floor, she won’t run for the door. She’ll see every cranny and nook,” it’s hard not to get hooked.

Comments included, “Epic! Never heard such a hilarious ad before!” and “I’d watch ads all day if they were this entertaining.”

The ConairMan music collaborations prove that when social is done right, it can generate strong results. Strategically creative content is just one part of the brand’s overall social media strategy that has helped us build awareness and engagement for ConairMan while entertaining our audiences.

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