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Try it Love it PA Lottery

9Rooftops and PA Lottery: Transforming the Thrill of Chance

9Rooftops - Creative Team

In March 2022, coinciding with the Pennsylvania Lottery’s 50th anniversary, 9Rooftops launched the Lottery Love Campaign. This umbrella campaign celebrated Pennsylvanians’ love for the lottery by showing their individual expressions of it. The campaign showcased activities from sculpting hedges into the shape of the PA Lottery logo, to knitting ‘Lottery Love’ into a blanket and designing pizzas with Draw Game numbers.

Even influencers got in on the act with their own twists and turns showing their affection for the fun and excitement that the PA Lottery delivers. All these communications tied the bow at the end with the notion, “There’s a lot of love for the PA Lottery, and when you see how fun it is, you’ll understand why.”
Two year’s later this notion of FOMO also known as fear of missing out, has evolved the Lottery Love Campaign to what we now call, “Try It. Love It.” It’s founded on the compelling idea that without trying, one might miss out on discovering something great – like the Pennsylvania Lottery!

“Try It. Love It.” taps into the FOMO by highlighting the thrill of discovering a new passion through an unexpected adventure. Initially, the campaign utilizes online media, featuring videos and display ads, as well as billboards, and is positioned to expand into Connected TV/ OTT later this month.

To emphasize the ideas, our team developed a series of concepts centered on the joy of first experiences.
These include exhilarating first-time activities like skydiving and cold-plunges, both of which quickly become new passions. This idea is explored through various other engaging scenarios, demonstrating that the first step can lead to lasting love.

We aim to motivate people to try the Lottery much like they might decide to take a cold plunge for the first time—embracing the excitement and the unknown with one bold leap.

We aspire to spark curiosity among those less familiar with the PA Lottery, or those who have not played, guiding them on curated journeys filled with thrilling experiences, such as savoring a raw oyster for the first time. These moments seamlessly transition into our campaign slogan, capturing the essence of discovery and excitement.

The campaign is styled to feel authentic, utilizing influencer and vlogger perspectives to produce content that resonates with a broad, social media-savvy audience. This approach ensures a genuine connection with viewers who are deeply engaged in digital content. By not overtly stating the message, we invite the audience to draw their own connection, making it a more personal and impactful experience.

Our team sought to highlight a kaleidoscope of adventures, many of which ventured off the conventional thrill-seeking spectrum. This led us to celebrate quieter yet equally bold adventures, such as daring to wear a hat that strays from your typical style, painting your nails a courageous color, or using fearless eye shadow. Each choice embodies an adventure in its own right—subtle acts of bravery and self-expression that are as significant as any leap from a plane.

Bold choices, the FOMO, and the excitement of playing the PA Lottery for the first time converge in our second iteration of our successful and beloved Lottery Love Campaign.

The PA Lottery is committed to responsible gambling and playing responsibly. That means ensuring players are playing within their financial means and only for entertainment, and ensuring all players are 18 or older.

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