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9 Benefits of a Dedicated Creative Content Team

Scott Seymour - EVP, Chief Creative Officer

As more platforms emerge and new content features are released, the need for diversified content becomes more and more necessary for brands that want to be heard. And having a team at the ready who’s good at what they do can help brands grow engagement in today’s digital world.

From photography to video to animation, here are just some of the many benefits of having a dedicated creative content team to collaborate with.  

  1. Opportunities Are Everywhere

    Staying culturally relevant when you’re not a 15-year-old kid on TikTok can be challenging. But with a talented content team built for quality and speed, you can quickly respond to any opportunity on a whim.


  2. They Know You Like You Know You

    When you work with a content creation team on a regular basis, they learn the ins and outs of your brand’s personality and its fans — both the ones you have now and those you’re hoping to intrigue. This builds trust and saves time on the planning side, allowing the team to spend more time making great content that’s in sync with your brand.


  3. There’s Success In Spontaneity 

    When capturing footage, the most authentic moments are usually unplanned — especially when it comes to creating editorial-style content. With a creation team, it’s easy to live in the moment and capture the magic as it happens.  


  4. Every Risk Has Its Reward

    When a creation team really knows your brand, they can take more risks to make awesome content. They’ve got the freedom to experiment and innovate in real time. This freedom can lead to bold, unique and fresh content. So, what’s next?


  5. They’re Wherever You Need Them to Be

    Whatever, whenever, wherever. A content team will go anywhere to capture what’s needed — and they have the skills and knowledge to pull it off.  Shoots can be done in a studio, on location or at your own event. Basically, they’re as flexible as you need them to be, which makes the content spot on.


  6. Set Your Content in Motion  

    Content creators are experts at making content that moves — whether that be through dynamic video transitions, animation effects or motion graphics. They have all the tools and know all the tricks that can bring energy, excitement and engagement to your content.


  7. The Best Tech for The Job  

    Innovations in technology have led to tons of new possibilities regarding what you can capture. A creation team knows how to leverage these innovations — like VR, AR and drones — to create 360° experiences in which viewers can feel immersed in the content.  


  8. Uncover Real Stories

    Making emotional connections is an art form and a skill that creation studios have mastered. So, if you’re looking to tell a real story, make editorial videos or create documentaries that will make people laugh, cry, feel … this is the team that will get it done. 


  9. The Possibilities Are Endless

    Be it a specialized, hand-held project or a larger-scale production, anything is possible with a creation team that’s nimble and scalable. Their ability to accomplish a task of any size combined with their experience and efficiency means that your dedicated creators are ready to churn out quality content as soon as you say the word. 


We’ve seen the benefits of collaboration first-hand between great brands and our in-house studio. And for any brand looking to stop the scroll, there’s no better time than right now to partner with a team that can bring all your content dreams to life. 

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