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Breaking Barriers: The Rise of 19 Crimes in the UFC Arena


19 Crimes is once again pushing boundaries by becoming an Official Partner of UFC. This groundbreaking collaboration with the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization marks a pioneering move within the wine category. With a dedicated and passionate fan base, UFC boasts an immense following in the realm of sports. This partnership encompasses pay-per-view and Fight Night integration, ensuring high visibility within the iconic octagon. Additionally, original digital and social content will reach over 259 million users worldwide, solidifying 19 Crimes’ presence in the dynamic world of UFC. In a realm where beer and spirits typically dominate UFC sponsorships, why shouldn’t 19 Crimes wine have its moment in the spotlight?

Embracing Its Rebellious Spirit to Bring the Partnership to Life

At 9Rooftops, we were thrilled at the opportunity to bring this partnership to life and engage with this audience in fresh and exciting ways. Our creative approach was to embrace the rebellious spirit of 19 Crimes while echoing the energy of the sport and its passionate fans. Enlisting creatives on our team who were avid UFC fans themselves, we were able to infuse our work with an authentic passion for the sport. Drawing from our experience with the Snoop and Martha Stewart 19 Crimes partnership launches, we leveraged our expertise to ensure that this collaboration with UFC would resonate with audiences in a similarly impactful manner.

Where Boldness Meets Engagement

At our experiential venue activation, fans were greeted by a boldly branded space showcasing the iconic wines with a defiant history. Attendees engaged in various activities, including a UFC group photo opportunity, an anonymous disobedience box and a live graffiti wall. Meanwhile, our team of enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors stirred up excitement by promoting a national sweepstakes, offering a chance to win a VIP Trip to Las Vegas for a UFC pay-per-view event, alongside official UFC co-branded merchandise giveaways.

19 Crimes and UFC Fight Collage

Celebrating Those Who Challenge the Status Quo

Inside the venue, our disruptive :60 commercial played above the octagon, introducing the rule-breaking 19 Crimes challenger brand to the audience. We created a high-energy spot with attitude that celebrates those who challenge the status quo. From the fast-paced signature track by the music artist SXMPRA to a cameo by the infamous Snoop Dogg to augmented reality talking wine labels and thrilling highlights from the UFC fights. We even incorporated cultural vignettes from 19 Crime’s global marketing campaign “Obedience Gets You Nowhere.”

19 Crimes UFC Video Poster Frame

Capturing Attention Beyond the Octagon

Beyond the octagon, we designed an attention-grabbing retail shopper marketing program showcasing the epic partnership and prominently featuring fearless UFC Athletes Kelvin Gastelum and Holly Holm. These dynamic retail displays will be seen at grocery stores and wine shops nationwide and supported with digital media and loyalty program content, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement.

19 Crimes Official Wine of UFC

As we reflect on this groundbreaking collaboration between 19 Crimes and UFC, we’re reminded that true innovation knows no bounds, and we’re eager to see where this partnership takes us next.


Scott Seymore, Creative Director for 9Rooftops marketing and advertising agency, headshot.

Scott Seymour brings over two decades of experience in the creative advertising industry. With a passion for creativity and innovation, Scott leads his team in pushing the boundaries of design, storytelling and brand strategy.

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