A New Beginning. A New Vision.

After extensive research with current customers and heavy category users, we discovered that the Ristorante name and package design were not living up to the pizza’s great taste. So, we went back to the drawing board and renamed the pizza, and redesigned the package, to match the premium quality.

Today, we proudly bring you Virtuoso Pizza. Now what you see on the outside best represents what was always on the inside. The only things that have changed are the name and package design. Now, instead of just having a Thin + Crispy Crust style, there’s a Classic Crust style, which is available in a fresh, new lineup of winning pizza flavor combinations. That’s what Virtuoso brings to the table. So, what our agency brought to the table was creating a turn-key campaign for Virtuoso Pizza which included a new name, new packaging, social media, digital, video, retail and experiential platforms.