Transdermal Therapeutics Rubs Out Pain and The Need for Addictive Medications.

“Big Pharma” conjures up thoughts of conspiracy theories, monolithic boardrooms, addictions to prescriptions and under-tested, overpriced drugs.

The Cure: Transdermal Therapeutics. America’s fastest-growing compounding pharmacy that creates precision topical ointments to zero in on pain for relief where it hurts.

The challenge was communicating what the pain felt like even though it’s not always visible to the eye. To achieve this and cut through the glut of other pain relievers out there, the work had to be both visually disturbing and disruptive. Is it? You tell us.

To offset budget challenges, we proposed a regional approach, focusing sales in parts of the country that had the highest concentration of pain medication addiction. The campaign nailed it, generating a 25% sales increase in only six months.