Submerse Yourself In Fin-tastic Results

For almost 60 years, Mars Fishcare, a passionate leader in the aquatics industry, has been using research and science in its fearless quest to develop and perfect global products and solutions for water treatments, testing and nutrition for both indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds. In fact, Mars Fishcare has 30 global patents for breakthrough innovations and advances in the care of ornamental fish.

So, when Mars Fishcare, part of the greater Mars Inc. family of brands, asked 9Rooftops to develop a strategic foundation to help relaunch, refresh and revitalize their marketing efforts and increase interest and popularity in fishkeeping as a hobby, we couldn’t wait to dive in! Currently, we focus on Mars Fishcare’s global marketing efforts for the API brand (United States, United Kingdom and Australia) and AQUARIAN brand (United Kingdom).

To help Mars Fishcare achieve the results they wanted, we first needed to revamp their Brand Archetypes, so we conducted a series of in-depth ethnography interviews with passionate fish keepers which helped inform and inspire our team creatively. We also built two global websites for API brand and AQUARIAN brand that work for their U.S., Canadian, U.K. and Australian audiences. Then, we developed a progressive creative and media strategy that would be effective in each of the countries in which the brands wanted us to expand their audience.


The Results Are A Swimming Success:

Since we first started managing the API brand social platforms, we’ve grown their yearly Facebook impressions by more than 300%.

In 2022, we helped API brand win the coveted Gold Viddy Award by developing an integrated marketing campaign that included high impact video with an engaging QR Code for CTV and a dynamic media plan targeting relevant pet care audiences.

The media campaign we deployed significantly increased brand awareness and brand consideration, along with double digit growth in brand favorability. Each of the brand’s KPIs also saw increases in performance with each additional exposure.

By utilizing CTV, we generated the highest lifts ever for API’s brand awareness, helping to not only generate overall ad recall but also recall among their target audience. At the same time, purchase intent for their products steadily increased in lift with each additional exposure.

9Rooftops continues to be the agency of record for API and AQUARIAN brands. Currently, we support both brands with creative for their social media, digital and, print ads and both websites, plus we plan and manage YouTube, search, CTV and display. Most recently, we created our second-generation TV commercial for the global markets of the API and AQUARIAN brands.