We’re Ready When You Are.


To help keep South Carolina top of mind during the Covid-19 shutdown and ensuing fallout, we had to completely rethink the “Discover” themed campaign and messaging. The resulting effort was broken down into three phases. The first phase sought only to inspire travelers to dream about their future travel plans, ingeniously replacing “DISCOVER South Carolina” with a new “DREAM South Carolina” logo and the tagline, “Dream Now, Discover Later.”  The daydreaming was helped along with sweeping imagery of the state’s bountiful beaches, mountains and outdoor recreation.

Phase two was themed “When you’re ready, we’re ready.” and sought to invite people back to the state on their own terms while highlighting the various ways in which destinations were thoughtfully preparing for visitors. Once normal travel could be safely resumed, phase three was designed to transition the marketing back to the more open-armed “Discover South Carolina” campaign.