Industry-Recognized wellness+ Drives Customer Growth and Lifetime Value

We partnered with Rite Aid to redefine the brand through a powerful positioning — “Actively working with you to keep you well.” Our research into what consumers really wanted from their drugstores not only differentiated Rite Aid from its competition, it also addressed the needs of multiple target audiences — from busy moms to aging boomers to patients with multiple chronic conditions, employers and physicians.

We brought this positioning to life through an overarching strategy that leveraged four key experiential pillars, one of which was customer loyalty and the industry-recognized wellness+ rewards program. It was the first loyalty program in the category to reward customers with both savings and wellness benefits, and it became the foundational driver of Rite Aid’s turnaround.

  • 40 million wellness+ loyalty members in the first 12 months
  • Basket size for gold wellness+ members 4X greater than non-members
  • wellness+ recognized as a top-rated loyalty program based on customer satisfaction
  • Recognized by CEO and Wall Street as a key driver of brand turnaround story.
    • 10 straight quarters of YOY sales growth
    • Record-breaking EBITDA
    • Highest stock prices in 15 years