LG OLED Cinema House Grabs Headlines, Sales and Award.

“Immersive” — a hack marketing industry term had lost all punch due to never delivering on its promise. Our agency wasn’t okay with that. LG OLED (retail: $15,000) needed to be not just an incredible screen, but an unforgettable 360˚ journey of the senses.

So, we partnered with Netflix and Dolby Laboratories to pack a house full of consumers, then flooded it with water to the ceiling. Next, we drained it and flung it far across the world to land in the middle of a Korean jungle inhabited by the mysterious beast “Okja.” After a dramatic cliffhanger, the audience was transported into Marvel’s hottest series “Defenders” to pay witness to a superhero fight among friends. Then last, but not least, everything got really strange as guests found themselves in the heart of sci-fi fears, in the Upside Down of “Stranger Things.”

LG Cinema House Tour circled the nation winning fans, creating conversations and selling screens while earning great press and retail promotional partners.