When It Comes To Vitamins and Supplements, They Should Be As Unique As You Are.

GNC was preparing to launch GNC4U, a subscription-based product that provides consumers with a highly customized vitamin pack. Along with fitness and diet recommendations based on lifestyle, goals and even the consumer’s own DNA, GNC4U was built for maximum personalization. Problem was, they had to overcome a long-standing stereotype as being a brand for only bodybuilders.

With our GNC4U campaign, we reframed how consumers saw the retailer—taking it from bodybuilding to the everyday, health-conscious consumer who saw they benefits of taking vitamin supplements as a way to maintain their wellness. We also had to eliminate the overwhelming nature they might feel when shopping in their local brick and mortar. Through the use of an in-depth, online health questionnaire, GNC4U delivered exactly what they needed on a monthly basis—individually packed, daily customized vitamins and supplements direct to their doorstep.