Ménage à Trois TV Campaign

We created the first-ever TV advertising campaign for Ménage à Trois, the wine brand credited with creating the wildly popular California Red Blend category. The TV commercial garnered over 200 million impressions — airing on the Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, TLC and Lifetime networks plus Roku streaming devices across prime-time, daytime and weekend dayparts, resonating with […]

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Make-A-Wish Foundation grants thousands of wishes each year. Nearly 3 out of 4 wishes required airline tickets, making donated airline miles extremely valuable. To build upon momentum from previous years’ airline mile donations, Make-A-Wish requested a monthlong event that had a natural affinity with airline miles and demonstrated that wishes have a life-changing impact on […]

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Many car owners see their vehicles not as possessions, but as extensions of themselves. It’s their baby, their buddy, their companion. And when you love something that much, you protect it at all costs. We created a disruptive campaign that positioned STA-BIL 360° as an essential, everyday product, when it comes to car care regimen. […]

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When Subway asked just how deliciously reasonable their menu options are, the answers were as different as the customers themselves. Turns out Latinas loved the money they saved at Subway because that meant they had more money to spend on the little things in life. Like a little more bling. The General Market was singing […]

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Transdermal Therapeutics

“Big Pharma” conjures up thoughts of conspiracy theories, monolithic boardrooms, addictions to prescriptions and under-tested, overpriced drugs. The Cure: Transdermal Therapeutics. America’s fastest-growing compounding pharmacy that creates precision topical ointments to zero in on pain for relief where it hurts. The challenge was communicating what the pain felt like even though it’s not always visible […]

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AVA Positively More Accurate

Here’s proof that something as potentially un-fun to work on as a lab that performs lipid panels can actually turn out really great work. The challenge here was to convince physicians that AVA + offers superior blood testing technology, which will uncover and reveal more health problems earlier since it’s so in-depth. Once this was […]

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Barilla Ready Pasta Tour

In keeping with the Italian heritage of Barilla, we designed an authentic, electric-powered Ape Car that has been bringing a little piece of Parma to street corners, festivals, retailers and events across the country. Its compact size allows it to travel virtually anywhere, while its sustainable craftsmanship aligns with Barilla’s “Good for You, Good for […]

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Beringer / Chopped Grill Masters

After several years working with longtime client Beringer Founders’ Estate to establish its Great Steak Challenge as both a consumer and retailer favorite, the time came to take it to the next level.  Challenge accepted. We brought the big guns to the table with a multi-year partnership with Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters. This sizzle […]

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